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Of all the days in your life, your Wedding Day will be the one you will remember the most. Make sure your day is perfect by hiring the professionals that will help you, guide you, and most importantly, give you what you want. Your day is special to us.

This will be the biggest party for your friends and loved ones that you will ever have. The one people will remember. Let us help you make memories.

Today a professional DJ is more than just a person that plays music. For your day, you want to know that you have hired someone that, no matter what happens, will be there for you, and will be calm and able to do whatever it takes to make your day perfect.

When deciding on a DJ please consider the following:

We will be dressed in formal attire.

We are Fully Insured - We are Fully Licensed
Over 1000 hours of CD quality music will be brought to your event.

We use professional sound and lighting equipment, not a home stereo system.

Free coordination with your other Wedding Professionals.

Requests for specific songs are never a problem.

We will meet with you to help plan your reception, from the first dance, father-daughter and mother-son dance, wedding party dance, any and all toasts, cake cutting, bouquet toss and garter toss etc.

We want to give you the personal touch that you deserve.
Your party will have our full attention. Also we are the entertainers you will get. You talk to us, meet with us, put your trust in us and we'll be the ones at your party.

We have performed at Weddings with as many as 250 and as little as 60. No matter what the size, we will help you make it special.
Bouquet Toss

The Tossing of the bouquet, in which the bride will toss her wedding bouquet into a crowd of all the single women at her wedding.

The DJ will typically call all the single women to the dance floor.

Traditionally, the one who catches the bouquet is said to be the next to marry.
Bouquets can be very expensive and the Bride may wish to keep hers, so the alternative is a cheaper bouquet to be kept with the DJ.
The DJ will then announce the start of the Bouquet Toss and discreetly hand the bouquet to the Bride.
Garter Toss

A garter Toss is similar to the Bouquet Toss, except it involves the groom tossing the bride's garter into a crowd of all the single men at the wedding.

The garter toss often takes place right after the tossing of the bouquet.
The bride will often sit in a chair in the middle of the dance floor, and the groom will take off the garter while a chosen song plays.

The DJ will typically call all the single men to the dance floor, while everyone else stands in a circle around the dance floor to watch.

Some couples choose to take off the garter in a more discreet way, while others try to have fun and be a bit more raunchy with it. The groom may remove the garter with his teeth while the bride pulls her dress up, or he may just reach up underneath her dress to grab the garter. Another option is for the bride to remove the garter herself, and just hand it to the groom.
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